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At Grand Central Veterinary Hospital, our in-house pharmacy is fully stocked and ready when your pet needs medication or treatment, so you don’t have to wait or visit another location. With an in-house pharmacy, we can continue to offer you personalized quality care, our doctors are familiar with your pet’s medical history and personality, enabling us to offer you the best care possible.

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Our Pharmacy Services

Prescription Medication

Grand Central Veterinary Hospital carries a variety of commonly prescribed veterinary medications such as anti-inflammatory medicine, pain relief, heart medication, and antibiotics. You can also rely on us when your pet needs specific medication for a chronic medication condition, illness, injury, or surgery.

Preventative Care

Preventive medication allows you to reduce your pet’s risk of developing certain diseases or health complications. Our pharmacy offers a wide selection of preventive medicine including flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.

Prescription Diet

If your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis, diabetes, allergies, kidney disease, or has gastrointestinal issues–your veterinarian may recommend a special diet. Our pharmacy maintains a large selection of wet and dry prescription foods so that your pet’s diet can offer additional support in treating their ailment.

Prescription Refill

To refill your pet’s prescription, your pet must have had a physical exam within the last year and recently been seen by your veterinarian. These requirements allow your vet to have a better understanding of your pet’s health and medical history so that we can adjust their treatment as needed to ensure your pet is always receiving the best care possible for their condition.

If you need to refill your pet’s medication, contact our office so that we can assist you. In some cases, your pet’s medication may not be renewed without an exam or consultation.

Please allow us 48 business hours to renew your pet’s medication. For special orders or uncommon prescriptions, we may need additional time.

Non-Prescription Care

At Grand Central Veterinary Hospital, we also offer holistic treatment options such as supplements, vitamins, herbal therapies, and nutraceuticals. We are here to help you choose the right products for your pet’s health care needs and lifestyle.

Our Promise

At Grand Central Veterinary Hospital, we do our best to provide you with unbeatable high-quality care. We promise that our products are stored properly and up to date. Our trained staff will fill your prescriptions with care catered to your pet’s specific needs. When you pick up your medication, we will inform you how to administer the medication, proper dosage, and potential side effects and interactions you may need to look out for. If you require any assistance at home, we are only a phone call away. We are committed to the wellness of our clients and their pets.

For more information on our in-house pharmacy or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today at (727) 895-8387.